Weather-aware analytics for physical spaces

How many people walk by my store? How long do they stay? What’s working, and not? How to repeat success? Are consumer behaviors influenced by external variables, such as weather conditions and public marketing events? These are crucial business questions for retailers, brands and marketing agencies.

Measurence Scout is a location intelligence solution that transforms millions of data points from people’s movements into actionable data about their behavior in physical spaces to better understand the physical world. Using its proprietary WiFi and IoT technology, Measurence Scout collects data about people traffic and other variables that impact a location performance to provide analytical reports and business insights to location managers.

Measurence wanted to offer a more complete service for our current customers as well as expand to other markets. They were able to collect data about people traffic but needed additional data sources to enable our customers to see a complete picture of their customers’ journey, optimize their advertising spend and increase their revenue.

Here the EW-Shopp project helped Measurence by adding an additional layer of information to their analytics: correlations with weather and events data. EW-Shopp’s advanced data management solutions enabled Measurence to successfully integrate weather and events into its data flow to help understand the correlation between traffic and weather conditions.

Correlating dealership locations performance with Weather information

For an car brand, Measurence started by correlating the dealership locations performance with weather information. Data showed that people behave differently based on geographical area and season. For example, in Southern Italy people prefer to visit the car dealerships during the rainiest days while in Northern Italy, traffic is less dependent on precipitation.

After working on the weather, Measurence started integrating the car brand marketing events and  saw a strong correlation between those events and dealership locations performance. Measurence then built a prediction model that is now used to estimate the potential impact of future marketing events based on previous ones.

Thanks to analytical reports created by Measurence and EW-Shopp, the car brand can better understand customers as they visit their car dealerships, and with data-driven solutions, Measurence’s customers can take quick business decisions to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Measure and improve the environment quality in physical locations

For on insurance customer, Measurence built a product to measure and improve the environment quality in physical locations. To do that, they extended the capabilities of our plug&play sensor and our IoT infrastructure to collect data like air quality, temperature, humidity and more.

By incorporating the weather data in its dashboard, Measurence can help the location manager to understand how the outside conditions impact the indoor environment and prevent situations that would negatively impact the customer satisfaction (for example, optimizing their AC schedule for unexpected weather changes). Using Measurence’s dashboard, the location manager (which might be an office, a store, a restaurant etc) can quickly identify unexpected environment conditions and react immediately in order to improve the experience of the customers.

Thanks to the solution provided by Measurence, the insurance customer is now offering its new insurance policy to its customers and they are now the #1 insurance company for flexible workspaces.


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