Business Innovations

We have exploited event and weather-based analytics to deliver innovations in different industries, such as eCommerce, Retail, Customer Relationship Management, IoT, and Digital Marketing. Our solutions are based on predictive models of consumer behavior built with data collected by individual companies across the consumer journey. Since most of the companies have only access to fragmented signals from this journey, data about different kinds of events (e.g., payday, marketing events, discounts, price changes, etc) and weather provide easy-to-get complementary information to improve the models and support better-informed business decisions.

In practice, five main business innovations have been developed by companies of the EW-Shopp consortium. All the innovations are operational services deployed on partners’ premises (with the help of the technical partners and of the EW-Shopp toolkit), which are offered in the market or used to support decision making within the company. All the tools are in use today and under continuous improvement. In this process, we have also accumulated a lot of knowledge about how to effectively exploit weather and events to develop advanced and impactful data-driven services in real-world business scenarios. If you want to implement solutions that exploit event and weather-based analytics we are happy to discuss the lessons we have learned so far and future opportunities of collaboration.

Click below to discover the 5 business innovations developed within the Ew-Shopp project: