Event based category and brand optimization tool

This solution will help shoppers (Shopper’s Insights), sellers (Seller’s Insights) and vendors (Vendor’s Insights) to use short term product search insights and behaviour predictions to support their smart purchase or bussiness descisions. The tool is build on top of years of user’s uniquely integrated behavior data of searching products, weather data and different category events data.


  • Shoppers will be able to use relevant purchase information and real time predictions to support their purchase decisions.
  • Sellers will manage better pricing, category and campaign management.
  • Vendors will get brand and SKU level purchase information in the shortest possible time to react and improve pricing, sales and campaign efficiency.


The solution will influence conversion rate on Ceneje website when relevant information will be shown to a shopper.

  • Sellers will adapt their price strategies and category management to increase revenue and save money.
  • Vendors will have insights from the market in very short time to improve their strategies.


  • Ratail
  • E-commerce
  • Brand Manufacturers / Distributors


Within the Pilot #1 we developed beta version of Shopper’s Insights web widget with relevant data for shoppers. We tested on 3 different categories : Air Condition, Led tv and Dryers. We used weather data and search data for last 3 years and train the model to give us usefull predictions and insights which were shown to shoppers on Ceneje website.


  • Weather impact depends on categories. Weather mostly becomes secondary factor in other categories.
  • Price change is a key event to explain short term demand changes and merchant responses
  • Other market and product info/events impact consumers purchase intentions​​
  • User interface can significantly impact user behaviour and response ​​
  • Testing and scaling can improve and create relevant results for users

RESEARCH & INNOVATION DOMAIN: Data integration, data aggregation, modeling, predictions, web design

TOOLS INVOLVED: Qminer, MariaDb, MsSql

CONTACT PERSONDarko Dujic darko@ceneje.si