Digital marketing campaign performance boost based on weather and event data integration – old

Digital marketing campaign impact strongly depends on the user behavior, which is directly affected by the weather conditions and social events. In this scenario, JOT has developed, in collaboration with EW-Shopp technical partners, Campaign Booster” a new service integrating weather forecast, events and marketing performance data to generate keyword category models (clustering and aggregaing campaign performance historical data base).

This enables account managers to predict the adequate date to launch new campaigns depending on the keyword-weather variable/event correlation, maximizing the number of impressions (as key impact factor).


Key objetives are focused on the enrichment of tha data value chain by:

  1. Integrating external data (weather and events) with marketing performance indicators
  2. Aggregate the data sets according to the expected impact and campaign management strategy
  3. Generate temporal models about keywords/categories behaviour
  4. Implement 4 different services supporting a more efficient digital marketing campaign management


JOT expects to improve all the most relevant marketing indicators in digital marketing such as: impressions, clicks and CTR. All these are related with both the quality of the campaign management and the traffic generated for client’s site. High quality traffic will generate some kind of conversion in the landing page like sale, lead or expression of interest.


Campaign Booster” will mostly impact JOT’s campaigns, generating high qualified traffic to our clients sites.

In the future, this service can be used to boost the impact and performance of digital marketing campaigns of SMEs, where the keyword list describing their business and service are shorter and the influence of the nearby conditions are more critical.

RESEARCH & INNOVATION DOMAIN: Data integration, data aggregation, modelling, predicion, user interface and simple visualization

TOOLS INVOLVED: Google API, ArangoDB, Grafetizer, Python based models and java script node runner

CONTACT PERSONFernando Perales