Contact Centers: Workforce & Campaign Management Optimization

Weather and the occurrence of various events in our surroundings can decisively influence the success rate of marketing campaigns. Starting from this assumption, Browsetel and CDE have developed – in collaboration with EW-Shopp technical partners – a new service: “Contact Center Workforce Optimization Management”.

Browsetel (BT) and CDE are linked companies developing and providing the COCOS Customer Engagement Platform (COCOS CEP), offering their Business Clients a solution to provide end-customers omnichannel interactions via integrated Contact Centers, where their calls are being served by trained agents. COCOS CEP solution is currently serving 200+ business clients with 10k+ agents, which are handling interactions (answering or generating inbound/outbound calls), for a total of 8+M/15M inbound/outbound omnichannel interactions yearly. To enable 24/7 operation, the agents are (depending on the business requests) working on shifts. The BT / CDE primary goal is to optimize the system resources (number of agents working in a campaign that serves a specific topics of the client).

The new service introduces a solution, which enables prediction of interaction traffic, based on the historical data recorded by the system and weather and (custom) event data from external sources. Improved predictions enable more precise planning of the needed resources (number of working agents). On the other hand, the time of launching the outbound calls of Marketing Campaigns can be more precisely defined – in order to improve the responsiveness of the end-user. Additionally, to avoid traffic jams in case particular events triggered by COCOS clients (Custom Events) occur, a Custom Event Widget is offered to enable Contact Center managers of the business clients to insert their event data into the system.

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The focus of this solution is to predict key factors for the management of COCOS CEP and for the success of campaigns under current environmental conditions, including weather and ongoing (custom) events. These factors are:

  • Number of agents needed for a particular service (campaign) on a daily basis;
  • The optimal time for outgoing call placement, the optimal duration of a call, and the optimal ratio of its repetitions, if the customer does not answer the call.

The results of the predictions are presented to COCOS managers via visual interfaces and used for planning the system resources and the improvement of the automated procedures of the call delivery system.


The Contact Center Workforce Optimization Management application is integrated with the COCOS CEP solution, both in terms of data acquisition, enrichment, and analysis. Distinct predictive models are built off-line, using only historical data and historical data enriched with the weather and/or events, so as to show results coming from predictive models based on different data points, which is a nice feature to have in the early stage of a service launch.

The two most important pages delivering information in the system are the weekly chart view and the daily chart view (see the figures).

  • The weekly chart displays: the forecasted weather and the recommended agents’ shifts (top section of the widget); the estimated optimal number of agents (middle section of the widget); the estimated number of calls (bottom section of the widget).
  • ⦁ The daily chart displays the number of agents scheduled at particular time of the day and the fitness of the schedule based on the predicted needs (red-colored and green-color cells identify more and less fitting schedules, respectively). By using the form in lower part of the widget, the managers can manually modify the planned number of agents and check how their manual modifications fit with the optimal traffic load predictions and the predicted number of agents.


The solution decreases the probability of the Contact Center resources aggravation or saturation and increases the probability of the agents’ calls to be successfully served to the customer. Consequently, the service improves the “Call Response / Number of Agents / Customer Satisfaction” rate. The impact of the introduced innovation can be summarized as follows:

  • Overall productivity has improved by 15%:
    • In-bound call success rate = +15%.
    • No. of agent resources = -10%.
    • Higher successful outbound resolution = +10%.
  • Business clients have shown interest in purchasing the new improved Workforce manager.
  • Browsetel offers the only one AI-powered Contact Center Workforce Optimization Manager in the SME market.


Contact Centers, CRM and CIM systems offering services for different industries ( i.e. Telecommunications, Finance, Retail, Services & Tourism, Publishing, Energetics, Marketing & Research…).

RESEARCH & INNOVATION DOMAIN: Contact Centers, CRM and CIM systems

TOOLS INVOLVED: COCOS CEP Importer / Exporter, QMiner, COCOS CEP Workforce Manager