Workforce & Campaign Management Optimization – old

Weather and occurrence of various Events in our surroundings can decisively influence the success rate of marketing campaigns. Starting from this assumption, Browsetel and CDE have developed – in collaboration with EW-Shopp technical partners – a new service: Contact Center Workforce Optimization Management Service”.

The new service introduces the traffic predictions based on the historical and Weather and (Custom) Event data AI modelling. Improved predictions enable more precise planning of the needed resources (number of working agents). On the other hand, time of launching the Outbound calls of Marketing Campaigns can be more precisely defined – in order to achive greater responsibility of the end-user. Additionally, to improve the traffic jam in case of the Custom Events occurence, the Custom Event Widged is offered to the Contact Center management, enabling direct insertion of the Custom Event data to the system by themselves.


The focus of this solution is to predict relations of the business dependancy and success with the real environmentional conditions, such as the Weather & (Custom) Events. This factors are:

  • Number of agents needed for a particular service on a daily basis,
  • Optimal time for outgoing call placement, based on near history weather and events, the optimal duration of a call and the optimal ratio of its repetitions, if the customer do not answer the call;

The results of predictions will be visualized and used for planning of the system resourses and improvement of the automation procedures of call delivering systems.


The solution will influence on decrising the probability of the Contact Center resources aggravation or saturation and incrising the probability of the call to be succesfully served to the customer. Consequently, we expect improvements at “Call Response / Number of Agents / Customer Satisfaction” rate.


Contact Centers, CRM and CIM systems offering services for different industries ( i.e. Telecommunications, Finance, Retail, Services & Tourism, Publishing, Energetics, Marketing & Research…).

RESEARCH & INNOVATION DOMAIN: Contact Centers, CRM and CIM systems

TOOLS INVOLVED: COCOS CEP Importer / Exporter, QMiner, COCOS CEP Workforce Manager