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In a time that offers only a fierce competition to service providers, segmented access to customers is becoming an increasingly important factor of market success. Usage of data that companies obtain from their customers in a variety of ways, including external service data (e.g., weather data, current and upcoming events data) allows more accurate bidding of services and products to their provider.

Contrary to the wishes of the providers, the modern customer is increasingly aware of its privacy and interference into it. Additionally, more and more abuse are threatening customers when using online services.

The question is whether the informed customer would in fact give his consent to collect his personal information and information about its habits, just to make the service provider easier to carry out its marketing campaigns?

And on the other hand – can the service provider really be sure that someone who consented to the use of personal data online or in some other way, has signed himself with his actual data?

In Browsetel we doubt, unless … In the past few months, we are following much talking about services increasing the customers’ trust. Finally. Electronic Identity Services, Electronic Signatures, Certified E-mails, Electronic Stamps, … Services that have been technically mature for quite some years now but have not been actualized because there was really not a real need for using them. Larger, marketing-oriented, digitally-targeted companies have simplified permissions to use personal data for marketing purposes. As long as …


A magic abbreviation that most service providers are afraid of. The abbreviation represents a “General Data Protection Regulation” directive valid in the EU – also for non-EU companies operating in the EU. The directive puts suppliers at great limits in addressing customers, but at the same time offers opportunities to those companies that are ready for its accomplishing.

Customer Data and Identity – The technology is operational

In order to meet the GDPR directives, while allowing a qualitative analysis of customer habits, Browsetel offers its business partners the identification of the client’s identity for the purpose of issuing or cancellation of the authorization to use personal data by means of:

  • Usage of advanced functionalities for the purpose of identifying a customer (user) – e.g. “Video Identification”*;
  • Usage of qualified digital certificates**;
  • Anonymization and/or pseudo-anonymization of personal data.

May, 25, 2018

Less than six months is up to “Day G” (G as GDPR). Will after this date service providers be able to use personal information, if so – which of them, or whose?  Or will marketing be based on anonymized data, which will generate general ads on the web, not being directed to individual customer, his habits and needs? Browsetel is prepared!

About Browsetel

Browsetel is a Cloud Service Provider offering a platform for a Real-time multi-channel communication within the internet browser. We believe that WebRTC is the technology of the future.

About CDE

CDE d.o.o. is Browsetel affiliated company. It is a leading provider of Communication Channel management and Customer Engagement Platforms. Among others it provides hot solutions as for instance “Video Identification” service, which is designed to enable easy and quick verification of the user identity, anytime, anywhere. CDE products enable providing of services in accordance with GDPR directive.

*Currently approved by the EU Commission for Anti-Money Laundering processes, but not other processes.
**Once this is will be allowed by legislation.

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