If external events affect my feelings, is it also influencing income of a Contact Centre?

Have you ever felt that an unbearable weather has pulled all the power out of you? That your children are being carried by a full moon? That you cannot stay home in sunny afternoon, not to even think of on answering on phone calls from unknown numbers.

Profound analyses within the Contact Centers can confirm upper facts. When the weather is nice, the percentage of answered calls in marketing campaigns drops intensely. But not only weather influences on the customer’s behaviour. During the Wimbledon event, Tour de France or an interesting football match TV transmission, the sport fans will not answer the call, react to Social Media advertising or e-mail message from a retailer. On the other hand, a business event such as announcement of price dropping of existing product or introduction of a new one can increase the traffic over all expectations. This shows great impact of not only predicted events, but also of the Custom Events, which can because of their unpredictability even block the system, if we cannot somehow prevent this.

So, what to do?

As a developer and producer of high technology communication solutions, CDE nove tehnologije d.o.o is for years, besides offering its products to retailers, outsourcing its own Prokontakt Contact Center to retailers without their own Contact Center resources, or to cover their partners’ Contact Centers traffic peaks. Prokontakt Contact Center is currently working with some 80 agents, covering a number of retailers.  Today’s “optimal” number of active agents is changing constantly and optimizations of resources are all the time under pressure of competition.

CDE is following both directions – the technological (as a high-tech Research & Development specialist) and business (as provider of outsourcing services), so it can easily understand the reasons, why at certain occasions the Contact Center KPI falls under expected, and even more – try to optimize the detected situations.

According to historical traffic measurements and their analyses, the CDE R&D was faced by a challenge – a 15% reduction in the required Contact Center resources.

How to optimize the number of Contact Center agents

The challenge seems to be simple – optimizing of the number of Contact Center agents and the time of placing the Marketing Campaign call. By the first we would directly achieve less expenses for the human resources and their equipment, by the second we would achieve better answering rate for placed calls and with this indirect lowering of the number of active agents.

New technologies are constantly leading towards improvements. There are plenty of opportunities for optimizations. One of the most promising to us which has shown to us is prediction of the successful call answering according to previous experiences.

Such predictions are not new to us. WorkForce Management tool, our own, dedicated product, is in use for long time, enabling Workforce management according to predicted traffic, calendar, local legislation, etc. The tool has just to be upgraded, by taking new parameters into account.

At this stage the EW-Shopp project meets CDE – both carrying the same idea of enable interfering events such as weather and / or custom events and the consequences of their appearing, with behaviour of existing Marketing Campaign calls.  By offering predictions of such type we were convinced that we can offer significantly improved services to retail industry.


Pilot Project rollout

After the basic development phases, the Pilot Project has been started, going through different phases, such as:

  • Modelling of the methodology,
  • Gathering and Enriching Raw Prokontakt Data with general Weather Data,
  • Performing of QMiner analytics,
  • Classification of the results,
  • Integration with the WorkForce Manager tool;

Pilot analyse has shown us, that the initial achieved results have not meet all our expectations. The results have been showing positive improving and need for some improved modelling and implementation of Custom Events. As a consequence, the predictive service modelling has been adopted and Custom Events API has been developed, with the aim to enable our retail partners to introduce their custom events into the system.

Custom Event Widget has been developed in order to enable retail partner introduction of his Custom Events into the COCOS CEP data base.

Improved predictive model is enabling integration within another CDE tool – Campaign Management. This tool enables pre-planning, simulation, cost simulation, invocation and result analytics of marketing campaigns started to defined customer segments. The whole process is being automated, it can be implemented on premise or in (as initially) in the cloud solution. Integration with the WorkForce Manager has been performed.

QMiner analytic tool is the product of EW-Shopp consortium partner JSI. The same partner has provided initial modelling and is enabling access Weather service.

General specification of the Custom Event API has been defined by EW-Shopp consortium partner UNIMIB.

Prokontakt is a CDE (CDE nove tehnologije d.o.o) Outsourcing Contact Center brand, build on COCOS CEP system.

COCOS CEP (Customer Engagement Platform) is a unique customer engagement platform that enables your business to evolve a traditional contact centre into a customer engagement centre. The platform is CDE brand.

WorkForce Management are Campaign Management are COCOS CEP tools.

Custom Event module has been developed internally within COCOS CEP architecture.

Preliminary business results

  • Integration of Weather and Custom Event services has been introduced as a predictive analytics service within the COCOS CEP system.
  • Integration with WorkForce Management tool enables managing of the number of active Contact Centre agents.
  • Integration with Campaign Management tool enables managing of marketing campaigns, which are being automatically invoked over big customer segments.
  • Custom Events can be via the Custom Events API enlisted to the COCOS CEP system by the retail partner himself in order to enable improved WorkForce and Campaign Management.
  • Custom Event Widget has been developed in order to enable retail partner introduction of his Custom Events into the COCOS CEP data base.
  • The system has been introduced within the Prokontakt Contact Centre.

Service has been introduced to retail business partners with the plan to decrease number of agents by 15%. First results have not achieved the goal, with introduction of Custom Events, they are approaching it.

  • At 20 agents 15% means 3 agents (inclusive their working places),
  • As the Prokontakt Contact Center employs 80 agents, the number (and savings will be quite significant)


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