EW-Shopp in a nutshell: event and weather-based analytics services in eCommerce, CRM and Marketing

The EW-Shopp project is nearing its conclusion and we want to take this opportunity summarize what has been accomplished. During the past 36 months, EW-Shopp developed five services by applying analytical methods on top of corporate data (i.e., data owned by business partners) enriched with data about weather and/or other kinds of events. The services consist in either operational services deployed on partners’ premises, or reporting services developed to support decision making.

Each service has been developed by using one or more components of the EW-Shopp toolkit, depending on specific requirements, and results from the cooperation among the business partners, i.e., the service owners, and technology providers, i.e., partners who have developed, extended or applied their technology in the project.

In this article, you will find a short description of each service, with links to our blog posts and to the video presentation we’ve produced for the services.

Performance Insights

Performance Insights (eCommerce Insights tool for shoppers, sellers and vendors) is a tool developed by Ceneje to help shoppers, sellers and vendors to use short term product search insights to support their smart decisions. The tool is built on top of behavior data of searching products on Ceneje’s comparison shopping engine, weather data and different category events data.

Workforce Optimization Manager

Workforce Optimization Manager is a tool developed by Browsetel and CDE as an innovative traffic prediction model, which integrates weather and events data with existing data describing the performance of Browsetel Contact Centers to predict the adequate time to launch new campaigns and to better predict the needed Contact Center workforce.

Event and Weather Scout Dashboard

Event and Weather Scout Dashboard is a service developed by Measurence, which helps businesses to allocate their advertising budget based on quantitative historical analysis of customer flows in relation to seasonality – weather trends and internal events.

Campaign Booster

Campaign Booster is a service developed by Jot Internet Media to support the Account Managers in defining the best date to launch digital marketing campaigns, avoiding investing in Ads that are not relevant due to the environmental and social conditions. The service uses predictive models that leverage dependencies between the performances of keywords used in the campaigns, weather conditions and media attention on related topics.


Weather and Event-aware BI Sales Strategy Advisor

Weather and Event-aware BI Sales Strategy Advisor is a service developed by Big Bang to report about the conditions under which different types of marketing activities conducted by their retail shops give optimal results so as to optimize the sales force and resources within marketing campaigns.

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