EW-Shopp goes to New Zealand!

We are pleased to announce that the EW-Shopp consortium was present at ISWC2019 this year with presentations, demos and posters delivered by Mr. Vincenzo Cutrona, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Milan-Bicocca and one the main developers of that ecosystem of services for semantic reconciliation and extension named ASIA.

ISWC is the main conference on semantic web and linked data, now in its eighteenth edition, and every year gathers hundreds of professionals from both academia and industry to discuss the latest developments in areas such as Knowledge Graphs, Linked Data, Linked Schemas and AI on the web. This year’s event was held in New Zealand from 26 to 30 October; and its capital, Auckland, witnessed multiple appearances of the efforts made in the framework of EW-Shopp.

Paper on Optimization of Digital Marketing Campaign, an EW-Shopp Business Cases

Vincenzo had the opportunity to represent the consortium helding for the track “in use” a talk entitled: “Semantically-enabled Optimization of Digital Marketing Campaigns” in which he presented the homonymous article talking about the results of almost three years of joint efforts of JOT, UniMiB, JSI and SINTEF to improve the value chain of JOT. The focus of the intervention was on optimizing marketing campaigns by determining the most appropriate launch time considering events, weather, and distributional semantics.

Demo of ASIA – Data Enrichment Component of EW-Shopp Toolkit

Moreover, Vincenzo held a live demo on the use of ASIA and Grafterizer (two tools developed under the umbrella of the project) for the reconciliation and enrichment of data from digital marketing campaigns generating significant interest. Vincenzo then had the opportunity to present ASIA in more detail to those interested during a specific Poster session.

Combining Semantics and Statistics: Addressing the SemStat2019 Challenge with Components of the EW-Shopp Toolkit.

As EW-Shopp, we also presented the paper entitled “Modeling and Publishing French Business Register (Sirene) Data as Linked Data using the euBusinessGraph Ontology”. The paper presents our contribution to the challenge posted by the SemStat workshop, which is about combining semantics and statistics. In the paper we used the ontology created in the euBusinessGraph project but the transformation of the data into a knowledge graph and its enrichment have been made using the combination of Grafterizer and ASIA, the tools that are part of the EW-Shopp toolkit.


Finally, UNIMIB has received also two awards. Prof. Matteo Palmonari received the best reviewer award for the in-use track and the honorable mention as best reviewer for the research track. Further, UNIMIB’s tool MANTIS TABLE, a tool similar to ASIA but with a more research-oriented focus, has received the best “outstanding improvement” at the Semantic Web Challenge 2019. Some of the algorithms used in this tool will be re-used in the next release of the ASIA tools.

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