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If external events affect my feelings, is it also influencing income of a Contact Centre?

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Have you ever felt that an unbearable weather has pulled all the power out of you? That your children are being carried by a full moon? That you cannot stay […]

How weather works – or doesn’t – for brick-and-mortars

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Sometimes weather doesn’t mean a thing, as for example in the grocery segment. Quite the opposite goes for some other businesses, for example retailers in the segment of Consumer Electronics […]

How to battle against Google & Co.?

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The value creation funnel in classical retail is interrupted, transformed, power redistributed. Manufacturers and retailers lost a lot of their access to the end consumer. Value constellation in this domain […]

Data enrichment to boost the performance of Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Let’s meet Manuel, digital campaign manager! Manuel is a JOT account manager who is optimizing campaigns for a client at global level. He is very skilled in analyzing data, identify […]

Semantic Data Enrichment for Data Scientists: tutorial at ESWC 2019

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The Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) is one of the main venues for publishing and discussing the latest developments in the field of semantic technologies. This includes the latest scientific […]