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Using Multi-model Databases to store Semantically Enriched Data

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Extracting value from data has become one of the hottest topics in ICT over the past few years. Data-driven insights have the potential to steer decision-making and even generate completely […]

Weather-based analytics in SAS Hackathon

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The SAS Hackathon has demonstrated the growing interest in analytics models and processes that effectively correlate sales data with weather forecast information to create effective data-driven decision-making processes, concretely recognizing […]

What do consumers prefer to buy online?

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The data reveals what consumers most often buy online and which products still have great potential for online growth In classical and online sales, it is crucial that we understand […]

EW-Shopp at Ecommerce Day 2018 in Zagreb

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EW-Shopp attended Ecommerce Day 2018, which was held on March 28th in Zagreb (Croatia). Ecommerce Day is the largest regional online shopping conference: top experts has been invited to present the latest online […]

A Cruise through Europe’s events and their effects on retailers

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The holidays are gone but Europe is still not done celebrating! Cities packed with locals and tourists, dishes of every flavor, music, mass-retail chains, luxury and local businesses offering promotions […]

Black Friday transferred Christmas shopping fever to November!

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Black Friday, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving, has historically been the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. By offering high discounts, retailers unofficially announce the […]