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EW-Shopp in a nutshell: event and weather-based analytics services in eCommerce, CRM and Marketing

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The EW-Shopp project is nearing its conclusion and we want to take this opportunity summarize what has been accomplished. During the past 36 months, EW-Shopp developed five services by applying analytical methods […]

VIDEO: Brand Performance Insights: predicting shopper interaction with advanced data management

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Many European companies have highly specialized competencies to integrate and vertically analyze data. But they only use owned data that offers limited insights. Ceneje is a shopping comparison platform collecting product prices […]

VIDEO: Improving Customer Engagement through extensive Event & Weather data analytics and predictions

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Communication channel management is a key driver of customer care management success. To provide a good customer experience, it’s important to estimate inbound interactions traffic to plan agents well and predict the […]

VIDEO: Intelligence solutions for the customer journey

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How many people walk by my store? How long do they stay? What’s working, and not? How to repeat success? Are consumer behaviors influenced by external variables, such as weather conditions […]

VIDEO: Detecting user behavior patterns to boost digital campaigns

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Online searches are strongly influenced by external circumstances, such as  climate conditions and specific events. Take a look at our video: you will learn about the solutions implemented by JOT and EW-Shopp to […]

Check out EW-Shopp video presentation!

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Do you want to discover everything you need to know about the EW-Shopp project in less than 3 minutes? Take a look at our video presentation: you will learn about our […]