A Cruise through Europe’s events and their effects on retailers

The holidays are gone but Europe is still not done celebrating! Cities packed with locals and tourists, dishes of every flavor, music, mass-retail chains, luxury and local businesses offering promotions and even hosting their own mini-events. People might walk in or may not; others might buy while others might just try-on and leave.

How will you know which is “your big event?”. Will you design your store based on intuition or make data-driven decisions? In reality, all events are sales events; it’s how you identify them so you can optimize your marketing better and thus increase sales.

Let me take you on a quick Euro-trip to explore some of the many events and their effects on retailers:

1. Vienna, Austria – Vienna Philharmonic Ball 

January is Ball Season in Vienna. Not only is it an amazing experience, it also has a huge impact on the economy. “According to a 2016 study by the Vienna Economic Chamber, the average ball guest spends EUR 270 on preparing for a ball and the event itself. In 2016 the Viennese ball season brought in EUR 131 million in total. More than three-quarters of the season’s 500,000 ball guests were based in Vienna, about 60,000 from the Austrian provinces and 55,000 travelled from abroad.”(1)

“Vienna Philharmonic Ball 2018” by Richard Schuster – Source: www.wienerphilharmoniker.at

2. Venice, Italy – Venice Carnival 

Every day dozens of masked contestants compete for the best dressed. Costumes skew toward the elaborate, with men and women dressed as brightly-colored court jesters, kabuki princesses, and glittering animals. However, regardless of the outfit, Venetian masks are essential to winning. So mask designers/retailers are at their peak of the year. Take Maximiliano Gimenez that runs Blue Moon Venice, for example, they roughly produce 15,000 masks a year with one of his best masks priced at EUR 200.  (2)

3. Amsterdam Festival of Lights

Each year Amsterdam runs a 55-day long light festival. It makes the winter months in Amsterdam much more entertaining and productive for retailers, restaurants and much more.  In fact, museums, theatres, restaurants, shops and other locations host events and activities during this festival. (3)

“Amsterdam Light Festival” by UrbanUrban_ru – Source: Flickr 

4. San Sebastian, Spain – La Tamborrada Festival

The Basque Country’s San Sebastian gets even louder in January with the arrival of the La Tamborrada Festival. On January 20 of each year, hundreds of drummers take to the streets with their own instruments.

Image by Urko Dorronsoro – Source: Flickr

5. An evening at the Opera  with Verdi

This year, I attended two opera nights in Parma, Italy to see La Traviata from Verdi. You bet I went shopping to buy some dresses for the occasion, and I wasn’t the only one.

Image by Ana Gaona


What if you knew how exactly each event affected your traffic and sales?  What if you could use that data to make personalized marketing campaigns?

Adding weather and event data sources in your data mash-up helps retailers make better business decisions based on data rather than just intuition.

About Measurence

Measurence is a location intelligence company. Our mission is to transform offline human behavior into actionable insights and automate decision-making.



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