Bad weather destroys your diet habits

(And how the same conditioner generates different human actions and how marketing campaigns use it)

We would like to believe that humans are responsible about our habits and decisions, at least when it comes to food and meals selection. However, JOT INTERNET, within the EW_SHOPP project, has developed a study analysing the dependencies of the weather and its impact in Spanish hostelry industry, especially in rainy days (what is less usual).

For this study in has been selected the weather data in Madrid on February 2016 and its relation with the following two cases:

I. Digital marketing campaigns within the DiningNightLife category

In figure 1, it has been displayed the impressions of this category during last February. On average there were around 50 impressions per day. But, after a rainy day (when people in Spain used to stay at home), the number of impressions increased more than 90 % showing the “need of fresh air”.

This sort of information can be used for example by restaurants, theatres, cinemas and concert festival to launch digital marketing based promotions and reach a wider audience, impact and conversion rates.

II. Correlation with the “Hamburguesa en casa” keyword impressions

In the second example we analyzed the same rainy day, but in this case the keyword “Hamburguesa en casa” (Burger at home) was analyzed. As seen in Figure 2, there is a direct correlation, passing from 1-4 impressions per day to reach 10 (more than twice).

The same pattern can be applied to at home activities like films on demand, logistics (people spending time at home increase the buying activity) and so on. For that reason, these type of companies may increase their investment in marketing campaigns during these days to improve the AdRank reach the audience at the right moment.

Then, apart from the fact that rain provokes that you will eat bigger meals or fast food (which are not a well healthy option in both cases), the final conclusion is that human behavior is clearly conditioned by the environment. Due to the advances in weather forecasting, becoming more and more accurate, digital marketing managers and accounts are using it to optimize and schedule the marketing campaigns to reach higher impact in the relevant categories.

Are you conscious about these trends and conditioners? JOT Team and rest of EW-SHOPP partners will be delighted to hear further experiences from your daily life! If you are in the business sector, do not hesitate to contact us to take benefits of using our analytics.


JOT Internet Media España SL is a specialist digital marketing agency that generates large amounts of qualified search traffic to premium partners. This means we help our clients increase their web traffic, monetize it and generate extra revenue. JOT exploits the data to implement a novel analytic approach enabling the optimization of the digital marketing budget and improvement of the performance and conversion rates of

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