3 factors that determine consumers’ choices when buying winter tyres

Winter tyres are one of the most obvious seasonal categories. How do consumers buy these products? Ceneje Ltd. analysed purchasing behaviour in this category, based on more than 60,000 inquiries and more than 250,000 pageviews of winter tyres. It is very interesting to see that prices are far from being the only factor of consumers’ decisions.

1. Impact of low temperatures and snow forecast

The key season for buying winter tyres lasts from mid-September to mid-November when the use of these tyres is determined by law. However, this purchase decision is also affected by weather conditions. The analysis showed that consumers react about 24 hours after the forecast of low temperatures and snow, when they realize they need new tyres. In that time their interest increases up to 120 percent above annual average.

If there are no significant deviations in weather conditions during the obvious purchasing season, consumers usually wait and buy tyres at the last moment.

2. Impact of brand attitude

The most popular brands in the last few years were Sava, Continental and Goodyear. In the last year, they accounted for almost 60% of all demand. The data clearly shows that brand trust is significant when buying winter tyres.

3. Impact of independent tyre tests

The analysis showed that independent tyre tests influence consumers’ interest. The tests which were announced last October, influenced the demand for well-rated brands in a matter of a few weeks. Demand for highly-rated tyres increased considerably more than of those that were not included in the tests or were rated poorly. More precisely, the demand for best rated tyres was 70 to 250% higher compared to the same period of the previous year.

Price is no longer the most important factor of consumers’ choices!

As we showed, consumers buy winter tyres based on price, weather conditions, their attitude towards brands, and results of independent tyre tests. In their other analyses, Ceneje Ltd. found out that non-price factors are becoming more and more important in (online) shopping in practically all product categories. Along with mentioned factors, consumers also base their decisions on safety and trust, reviews and experiences of other shoppers, delivery conditions, the possibility of different payment methods etc.

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