What if you could’ve predicted purchasing habits this summer?

3 examples of how seasons and heatwaves affect consumer choices!

Consumer buying decisions are influenced by several factors, and one of the most important are the weather and seasonal purchases. Did you know that by analysing their behaviour in connection to weather we can predict consumer choices? Ceneje Ltd. performs analyses of purchasing behaviour and trends in seasonal commodity groups. See 3 interesting examples that can help you predict purchasing habits during the summer!

  1. In time of high temperatures, consumers’ interest for air conditioners increases by 200 percent
    The demand for air conditioners begins growing exponentially in March and reaches its peak in June, when it is up to 2 times higher than the annual average. It remains high throughout whole July. Consumer behaviour is very similar in the fan category, which represent a more affordable alternative to expensive air conditioners.
    It is very interesting to observe how consumers react to the heat forecast. When meteorologists announce that high temperatures are coming, the increase in consumer interest is even greater, which means that they react practically in the last minute.
  2. 4 times higher demand for swimming pools and related equipment in the summer
    Consumers’ interest for swimming pools is also strongly linked to weather conditions. It begins increasing in May, reaching the peak in July, when it is up to 4 times higher than the annual average. Then it continues in August, when it is still around 100 percent higher.
  3. At the beginning of the gardening season, the demand for garden furniture increases up to 250 percent
    Consumers most often buy garden furniture from March to July. The season begins quickly rising in March with the peak in May, when demand is around 2 times higher than the annual average. Another peak follows in July and can be associated with seasonal sales. In the same period, interest for grills increases considerably, namely by about 200 percent.

Growth of online search and smart shopping practices

The data clearly shows that, from year to year, there is a significant increase in the number of consumers exploring the offers online in all mentioned categories, regardless of whether they complete the purchase in webstore or physical store. Consumers are becoming more and more informed and demanding. Online information sources have become very important in purchasing process, especially comparison shopping platforms like Ceneje.si that enable users to compare prices, models, product characteristics and sellers in one place.

About Ceneje Ltd.

For more than 10 years, Ceneje Ltd. operates the leading comparison shopping platforms in the Adriatic region: Ceneje.si, Jeftinije.hr, Idealno.rs in Idealno.ba. The company also manages the Shopper’s Mind brand which accelerates ecommerce in the region and enables online sellers to successfully compete in the new retail environment.

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